The real history of Mavi Jeans Brand

MAVI Jeans is the leading denim manufacturing company in chicken. Jeans by Mavi are now offered in trading centers like Jenashalle. Kaufhof, Bloomingdales, Pekk & Cloppenberg, Buckle, Francobox, Vanity, Nordstrom, homes of Fraiser, Engelhorn, within the Rainbow, Dillard’s, Wet Steal, Olymp & Hades, Warehouse of London, Jeans devices, off the beaten track, Caruso Caruso, E-Street Denim, Zweiflers, Boot Legger, Crash Zinser, Infinito, United States Male, National Jeans, Smith Bros., Gerngross, Kult, Hangers, SMR Chalk outdoors, Blow the Belt, Western shop, simply Jeans and Urban.

Turkish customized jeans brand Mavi Jeans was established by Saiat Akarlilar in 1991. However, the real history regarding the brand begins in 1971, if the very first textile company by Akarlilar was made in Istanbul. It was called “Textile Guvena”. In 1984 “ERAK” company was established, which focused on manufacture of jeans and denim for globe brands. And 1991 brings Mavi Jeans towards globe markets with a Perfect Fit method, in accordance with that the consumers had been supplied unique style solutions and size methods, modified every single concrete nation. Besides an unique conception which took into consideration Mediterranean source regarding the brand was established. In 1993 Mavi Jeans begins its national promotion as well as in 1994 it begins to export jeans in countries in europe. Only in 5 years’ time Mavi Jeans manages to be the key Turkish jeans brand name and in 1996 it establishes its North American department in ny.

The choice to export jeans overseas and commence from the American was groundbreaking. The new workplace also worked on the markets of Canada and Germany. And then year Mavi Jeans strike the markets of North Africa, Middle East and Eastern European countries. In addition showrooms in la and Vancouver had been exposed. An innovative new marketing campaign using motto “It really is an excessive amount of” begins. By 1998 the organization exports about 1 million pairs of custom tailored jeans all around the globe. Even celebrities like Cher, Chelsea Clinton, Geri Halliwell many of MTV moderators begin to use jeans manufactured by Mavi. In 1999 marketing campaign “we have gone too far” begins as well as in 2000 denim creations by Mavi appear on the marketplace of good Britain.

That year the organization takes 128th place in the list of 500 best manufacturing businesses in chicken. 2001 brings initial manner tv show in ny and orifice of a showroom in Dallas. The company rapidly develops towards markets of Australian Continent and Denmark and places from the 77th place in the aforementioned number. During the CPD-X WEBSITE fair in Germany in 2002 Mavi Jeans brand is within the focus of attention and President of Mavi united states Ersin Akarlilar occupies the 93rd place in the list of most influential people in america.

In chicken the success regarding the brand is also more evident. In accordance with polls done by “Capital” and “Adekko” magazines in 2003 among pupils of Turkish universities Mavi Jeans brand is 2nd in appeal after C-Cola. Mavi also seems from the pages of “Time” magazine and American magazine “Cosmogirl” calls jeans manufactured by Mavi the sexiest jeans in the world. In addition, the second largest store on Union Square in ny also belongs to Mavi Jeans brand. The orifice of Mavi shops in Frankfurt, Berlin and Montreal follow.

These days the brand has actually a return of 250 hundreds of thousands bucks and its choices are sold in 50 countries. The outer lining of ERAK industrial facilities in Istanbul makes up 75,000 square meters and 11,000,000 pairs of custom tailored jeans are manufactured truth be told there each year.