Full Length Matrix Leather Jacket Coat

Matrix Leather Jacket Coat

Release: March 31, 1999 the matrix changed everything , and the coat wore by Neo (Keanu Reeves) has made the Full Length Matrix Style Leather Coat one of the sort after urban fashion item. now you can treat you self to luxury urban fashion item at rock bottom price

Release: March 31, 1999 , that changed everything to do with science fiction , and went onto become a cult movie . The one thing that stay everyone mind is the Leather Coat wore by Neo (Keanu Reeves). If you a urban fashion lover , then this jacket is one of the most sort after jacket . 

Now  this Matrix Leather Jacket Coat is made from quality leather  , the collar on the Matrix Leather Jacket Coat  is made to  fits the  neckline precisely as well as strong edging over the whole design.  A very good quality jacket which will fit nicely on any man.


This Matrix Leather Jacket Coat will take on the character of the wearer, quality leather  stop you from feeling sticky or suffocated  due the breathable Natural leather . You may only treat yourself once a year to luxury urban fashion item , so why get yourself a Matrix Trench Real Leather Coat rock bottom price.




This matrix jacket carrying a top quality viscose lining that gives softness and open hem style cuffs that offer you ease to pull it up or drag it down without any problem. Package your vision in extended Matrix Neo Coat.

Popular Urban Tube Mask

Urban Tube Mask

Popular urban tube mask

Urban fashion means anything goes , this means that much of  urban fashion comes from a wide cross section of influences such as music , sport or any  that looks good . One such influence is winter sport such as snowboarding and snowboarders much loved tube mask  , and one of the fastest selling urban tube mask is the Black Seamless Skull Face Tube Mask BUFF. If you have ever played Modern Warfare 2 and spec ops call ghost ,  these mens wear unique Skull Design Tube Mask  and ever since then it be the must have Popular Urban Tube Mask to have, wore by paintballers, snowboarders, and now it is being wore by the army , police , and of course it very popular with Bikers .

Popular Urban Tube Mask


Popular Urban Tube Mask

This urban tube mask is perfect at keeping you warm

very popular with Motorcycle Biker


Skull Design has been Popular Urban Tube Mask has become very popular with Motorcycle Biker as this picture shows . Also many militarily personnel from around the world have begone to wear this warm and versatile urban tube mask





Popular Urban Tube Mask

urban tube mask
very popular with militarily

100% Breathable Microfiber 9.5″ X 18″ (Not Stretched) Seamless Tubular Design (no pressure points/no headaches) NOT Hemmed (microfiber will not unravel or fray) 100% Breathable Microfiber Polyester (Keeps you warm while staying thin) Wicks Fast Wind Resistant Dries in Minutes Great for Winter And Summer use Lightweight ONE SIZE FITS ALL ADULTS



The Black Seamless Skull Face Tube Mask BUFF is not the only Popular Urban Tube Mask , so if this is not for you can select from a wide range of Urban Tube Mask


Urban Fashion Designer Fit Jacket

New Urban Fashion Designer Fit Jacket

Doublju Mens Highneck Zip Up JacketJPG This  Urban fashion designer fit jacket is completely unique and we mean  unique ,  the picture show this  urban fashion designer fit jacket in dark grey , but it does  comes in 6 brilliant  colors all give that quit   uniqueness, that shout out this looks great .  This is a new range in Hoodie Cardigan Coat Jackets , which can be wore Casual or when going out for night on the town.

The jacket is made with a slim cut  , which means you might have to order one size up , This  Costume Hoodie Cardigan Coat Jackets  is designed to be tight to the body which help to  make it  such a visually great looking Cardigan Coat jacket as well as it being very warm , you will love it. This Urban Fashion Designer Fit Jacket and Super Soft and must for anyone who needs to expand they  urban fashion wardrobe .





Urban Fashion Designer Fit Jacket

New Fashion Men’s Casual Cosplay Costume Hoodie Cardigan Coat Jackets

Designer Fit Jacket Product Description

Cotten blend
Style: Basic Coat
Material: Cotton Blend
Sleeve :Long Sleeve
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL,3XL,4XL (Please atten to the size chart before you buying )
Color:Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Blue, Red, White.


Also check out a range of Mens Designers Pullover Hoodies , Men’s Faux Leather Jacket and of course Urban Eco Boots to finish of your urban streetwear look.



Urban Ecco Boots

Urban Ecco Boots

Urban Eco Boots from one of world leaders in design, engineering and marketing of premium footwear.Timberland believes it has corporate responsibility when the planet is involve
Urban Eco Boots – Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers

Wen it comes to outdoor boots ,Timberland  are amongst some of the sort after boots on the market with STYLISH looks  as well as know for comfort and  durable  . Now Timberland have introduced a new range of outdoor Eco Boots which are not only durable , comfort  and of course stylish,  but also Eco friendly. This  new range of   Eco Boots  which can also be call urban Ecco boots combined with lightweight versatility, along with linings made from recycled materials, out soles made with recycled rubber and the all-day comfort of their exclusive Smart Comfort.

urban Ecco boots  Product

  • 100% Recycled PET lining made from reycled plastic bottles is comfortable and eco-conscious
  • Full grain leather  Laces are 100% organic cotton Water resistant
  • out sole which is created from 42% recycled rubber
  • This Eco Boot have a Green Index: Level 7

This Urban Eco Boots know as These Timberland Earthkeepers Original Leather , as with all Timberland boots this urban Ecco boots  will support your feet, but best of all they support the Earth by using only organic material  as well as cooperating recyclable such as plastic bottles ,leather  Laces , and Rubber to produce a lightweight versatile boot  that is water proof and great for everyday use.


These Eco boot also great for those who into the urban fashion look , When you want all the comfort , style and of course know you are helping the plant. As a part of the save the world environment many new cloths companies have started to make Eco friendly  clothes , many use recycle products  , and this has had major effect on sales , so much that now the major clothes companies have started go down the road of Eco friendly clothes . As a global leader in design, engineering and marketing of premium footwear , Timberland is one such company .  As an industry leader in the use of both sustainable and recycled materials in its shoes, as well as its footwear packaging Timberland believes it  has  corporate responsibility when the planet is involve

Timberland Earthkeepers – Urban Ecco Boots

Men’s Faux Leather Jacket

URBAN K Mens Faux Leather Jacket with Quilted Pattern

 Price: $64.99 – $69.99

When it comes to absolute must have jacket, then you cannot go wrong with this Stylish mens faux leather jacket, it a must sort after jacket from URBAN K. This mens Faux leather jacket features a quilted pattern on the breast pockets as well as sides, and for the maximum coverage from those cold days and night it has a zipper along with snap button. This jacket is also very versatile, with a detachable hood, which means you can go from casual to trendy when you feel it right. The jacket comes in 10 different colors, so will find the right mens faux leather jacket for you.

Mens faux leather jacket


Mens Designers Pullover Hoodies

URBAN K Mens Designers Pullover Hoodies

URBAN K Mens Designers Pullover Hoodies white - Mens Designers Pullover Hoodies the three arrows forming a triangle and at the center of the triangle there is the letter U , is one of three designs you can buy , all the Designers Pullover Hoodies come with two side pockets as well as distinctive designDesigners Pullover Hoodies

URBAN K Mens Designers Pullover Hoodies
Bandana color hood
URBAN K Mens Designers Pullover HoodiesCamoflauge
Camo flauge color hood
American flag patterned hood
American flag patterned hood

URBAN K deliver a distinctive range of  Designers Pullover Hoodies , which come in a wide range colors Black , Gray and white

  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • kangaroo pocket at the bottom center
  • UF10: bandana color hood | UF20: American flag patterned hood | UF30: Camoflauge color hood | UF50: solid colored hood
  • Hand wash or machine wash cold
  • pull on cord to adjust tightness of the hood



Designers Pullover Hoodies Product Description

If you are a fan of urban fashion or not , you will have or owned a hoodies , when it come to urban fashion the hoodies is must to give the style a core look , with all fashion the core of the look comes from main of the body and that is where a well designed hoodie come into it own. The hoodie shown is just of many graphic designs that you can get from this top fashion company . the three arrows forming a triangle and at the center of the triangle there is the letter U , is one of three designs you can buy , all the Designers Pullover Hoodies come with two side pockets as well as distinctive design. Also URBAN K Mens Designers Pullover Hoodies come in three different colors Black , Gray and white[/box]

Urban Underwear Boxer Briefs

Urban Underwear Boxer Briefs

psd underwear

PSD Boxers Briefs

Prices $12  -$27.99

urban underwear boxers briefs

When it comes to urban underwear boxers briefs, your  boxers must ensure great coverage and have a comfort fit, and of course we are talking urban fashion, STYLE!!

One of the top urban fashion companies, PSD  have launched a great range of urban underwear boxers briefs for men . Whether you prefer plain or patterned, fitted or loose fit, PSD  has got them for you.

when it comes to urban underwear boxers briefs Both this companies have followers from top celebrities such as  Professional Skateboarders, Entertainers, NBA players, MMA Fighters, and NFL players have all wear PSD Underwear Boxer Briefs. Some of the biggest names include Mike MIller (Grizzlies), Steve Johnson (Buffalo Bills), Chris Saunders, Manny Santiago, New Boyz, Trinidad James, Mayday Parade have joined the PSD camp.

Also this year PSD Underwear collection have been featured in top fashion magazines which include INKED, OK, GLAMOUR, USA TODAY. Also PSD Underwear have got a mention in top sport magazines TRANSWORLD MOTOCROSS, RACER X, MOTO PLAYGROUND, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and TRANSWORLD SKATE,

Urban underwear boxers briefs

• 6 Inch Inseam

• Wide Soft Elastic Waistband with Logo Print

• Breathable Athletic Feel

• Contoured Sealed Pouch

• Flex Fit Flat Locked Seems

• Tagless / Seemless Back

• Stretchable Fabric for Comfort

• All-Over Sublimation Print

• Contrast Thread Stitch on Bottom Hem

• No Front Opening – Full Material Coverage

• Lightweight, Comfortable Fit

• Made with 95% Premium Cotton and 5% Elastane

• Condition: Brand New, Original Box – Unopened

• Brand: PSD Underwear

• 100% Authentic Factory Direct

• Machine Wash Cold/Line Dry To Prevent Shrinking (Instructions on Tag)

• Packed and Ready to Ship: FREE Within the USA (International Rates Apply*)

• Available in Multiple Colors & Patterns [/box]

The Strapback Hats

Strapback Hats

Strapback hats are quite similar to Snapback hats, the only difference being, strapbacks use a poly band or adjustable leather to adjust the head diameter. On the other hand, a snapback is basically a baseball cap style hat. All other design elements are similar to modern, flat-billed, fitted caps as worn by professional baseball players. From many years they are perceived as less expensive than baseball fitted caps and have become one of today’s hottest fashion trends.

The Strapback hats  Vs.  Snapback hats

The snapback is one of summer’s biggest hits. It is a staple in public gatherings, classrooms, videos, special events etc. Snapbacks are also a notable part of present hip-hop culture. Their initial popularity was derived from the adoption by urban trendsetters and now they enjoy renewed popularity among cyber famous personalities, sportsmen and cMitchell & Ness NBA, NFL and NHL Snapback Hatselebrities. These famous people have also dawned the trend with plenty of pictures to show for it on social networking websites like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook.

However, in recent times, strapback hats have emerged as a more sophisticated and elite version of snapback hats, featuring a strap adjustment instead of a set of adjustments as in case of snapback hats. Snapbacks hats can be worn on multiple people because of the easy and quick adjustments you can make with them. On the other hand strapbacks are fitted to your head. They are meant to be worn by a particular person. It is recommended to wear such hats because when it is worn, it is snug, but comfortable. Such caps can also be worn backwards or forwards, depending on the style. But wearing a snapback backwards, would cause your forehead to touch the the plastic material, which is not very comfortable for any period of time.

Although strapbacks haven’t gained much popularity in the fashion industry as compared to the famous snapbacks, but there is a lot of buzz about it on the social networking websites like Twitter. There are some tweets by random people saying there can be nothing better than a strapback hat while others tweeted that snapback hat is way better.

Just skimming through the Twitter conversations, it becomes quite evident that many people are choosing the hats they like- some chose strapback hats because they are in vogue and offer more versatility, while on the other hand, some chose snapback hats because they are more stylish. So which one will you chose?


Urban Necklaces For Men

Urban Necklaces For Men

Urban Wear Necklaces For men

Urban Necklaces For Men

When it comes to urban wear, you have got to finish the look off and the best way to achieve this is with a great looking Urban Necklaces For Men, but do you go with a Cuban chain or take the route of Pendants that feature a wide range of styles from Religious to Marijuana Plant, well just say, anything that you wishes to say or feel and is going to complete the urban style , there will be the right Urban Necklaces For Men.

When it come to the length of the chain how long should it be, chain necklaces offered variety of lengths from 11 inches to 28 inches or longer. Cuban Link and Rope Chains offer widths as from 5.8mm to 5 Inches thick. If you what big as well as in your face, then go big just like Piles, Rick Ross or Jay-Z. But you can keep it Casual with Gold Rope Chains.

Pendants are also a great way to help get the urban wear style your are wish for without compromising the overall look, be it LA style or Euro style a good choice in the right pendants will go a long way to getting great urban wear look

When it comes to the wearing of Urban Necklaces For Men, there appears to be a barrier, due to the fact it considered one of the hardest items to wear.

  Urban Necklace for Men – 5 Styles

  •  Dog Tags
  •   Chains
  •   Religious Emblems
  •   Pendants
  •   Chokers


Urban Necklaces For Men – Conclusion

The right urban necklaces are an accent piece for a well-dressed man. But you got to mix it up and do not be know for specific piece of urban necklaces, mixing up your collection helps keep the urban look fresh, introduce pendants along with wide selection of Cuban Link and Rope Chains , as your collection grows you can start mixing and matching. One thing to remember is if you look good, you look good, so don’t be shy.


Urban T-Shirts

Urban T-Shirts

Urban T-shirts

The T-shirt has evolved over years as a convenient covering for hot environment, which was made popular in US when the T-Shirt was issued by the U.S. Navy during and following Spanish–American War of 1898. Now days when it comes to Urban Streetwear, one of main things that stand out is the T –shirts. The urban t shirts have grown into a statement of what the wearer wants to say about themselves and the world around them, this is sometimes through quotes print on the shirts or in many cases it the image that screen-printing on the shirt that matters.

It was in the 1980’s when the T-shirt flourished as a form of personal expression, and from then on it was not only the major companies that used the T-shirts as apart of there marketing tool, but a common practice for companies of all sizes to produce T-shirts with their corporate logos or messages as part of their overall advertising campaigns.


There are many top brands out there such as Six dollar T-shirts, T.I.T.S. , Neff , Tupac , 40oz and Yums to just name a few , seen by many reviewers of Urban Streetwear as well as fans , as being some of the best urban t shirts on the street today . Now one of best brands names in urban fashion , that is Hudson NYC have just come out some of the most mind blowing designs Urban T-Shirts , such as there great range of Egyptian, Pharaoh tees , and any one who come across this t –shirts will have to admit, these prints are pretty impressive. Sublimation dye has risen in modern fashion design. The Egyptian, Pharaoh are not the only range of urban t shirts that Hudson offer but there is wide range of great T-shirts to choose from , all Hudson t-shirts are affordable to all budget range, because the this street urban t-shirts are so good.

Techno Pave Watches

 Mens Urban watches by techno Pave

Techno Rave watches




When two friends combined their love as well as ambition for  a new look within the  growing world  urban fashion , with a eye for style, perfection plus detail  , then  Techno Pave was founded. Techno Pave ticks all the boxes when it comes to Urban Watches and of course a  Mens Urban watches  .

Techno Pave has the urban community at its’ heart , and this is because urban fashion has always had a swagger way back to 80’s  and it is this  that Techno Pave loves. With this in mind, a Urban watch brand for all those who love everything about urban fashion was born.

when it comes to Mens Urban watches  , then the Techno Rave Solid 80s Neon Wrist Watch Black is example for what Techno Pave  is aiming for , when it comes to eye catching design  along with a great high-quality timepieces .

Neon Wrist Watch is not the only watch this company makes , so check it out button to find out more on other Mens Urban watches