Urban T-Shirts

Urban T-Shirts

Urban T-shirts

The T-shirt has evolved over years as a convenient covering for hot environment, which was made popular in US when the T-Shirt was issued by the U.S. Navy during and following Spanish–American War of 1898. Now days when it comes to Urban Streetwear, one of main things that stand out is the T –shirts. The urban t shirts have grown into a statement of what the wearer wants to say about themselves and the world around them, this is sometimes through quotes print on the shirts or in many cases it the image that screen-printing on the shirt that matters.

It was in the 1980’s when the T-shirt flourished as a form of personal expression, and from then on it was not only the major companies that used the T-shirts as apart of there marketing tool, but a common practice for companies of all sizes to produce T-shirts with their corporate logos or messages as part of their overall advertising campaigns.


There are many top brands out there such as Six dollar T-shirts, T.I.T.S. , Neff , Tupac , 40oz and Yums to just name a few , seen by many reviewers of Urban Streetwear as well as fans , as being some of the best urban t shirts on the street today . Now one of best brands names in urban fashion , that is Hudson NYC have just come out some of the most mind blowing designs Urban T-Shirts , such as there great range of Egyptian, Pharaoh tees , and any one who come across this t –shirts will have to admit, these prints are pretty impressive. Sublimation dye has risen in modern fashion design. The Egyptian, Pharaoh are not the only range of urban t shirts that Hudson offer but there is wide range of great T-shirts to choose from , all Hudson t-shirts are affordable to all budget range, because the this street urban t-shirts are so good.

Techno Pave Watches

 Mens Urban watches by techno Pave

Techno Rave watches




When two friends combined their love as well as ambition for  a new look within the  growing world  urban fashion , with a eye for style, perfection plus detail  , then  Techno Pave was founded. Techno Pave ticks all the boxes when it comes to Urban Watches and of course a  Mens Urban watches  .

Techno Pave has the urban community at its’ heart , and this is because urban fashion has always had a swagger way back to 80’s  and it is this  that Techno Pave loves. With this in mind, a Urban watch brand for all those who love everything about urban fashion was born.

when it comes to Mens Urban watches  , then the Techno Rave Solid 80s Neon Wrist Watch Black is example for what Techno Pave  is aiming for , when it comes to eye catching design  along with a great high-quality timepieces .

Neon Wrist Watch is not the only watch this company makes , so check it out button to find out more on other Mens Urban watches



Mens Urban Fashion Watches

 Importance of the Urban Fashion Watches as a New Urban Fashion Trend , choose from a selected range of urban watches from the top urban fashion companies , which include G-shock, baby G , Tokidoki ,TKDK ,Quatz , reversable , Gold Numberless and Neff



[box] G-Shock is popular Mens Urban Fashion Watches  with mountaineers, firemen, paramedics, police officers,as well as Special Forces in both American and UK , have taken interest in the G shock shock resistant design. G shock has grown so popular , due the fact so that many big names in music, sport , and youth culture are now seen wearing them , that makes the G shock watches are now apart of the urban fashion.

G shock are not the only watches seen to be popular with urban fashion include other big names in urban street wear such as Neff,Techno Pave Quartz ,Tokidoki ,TKDK ,Quartz , reversable , Gold Numberless and Neff. What a good watches, is that it is the finishing piece of clothing that make your statement true Mens Urban Fashion.


In the opinion many fans of urban streetwear clothes, that G-Shock is one of the most important models when it come to watches , due to it’s durability, functionality, and style perspective, this is one hard watch to beat.

Mens Urban Jogger Pants

Mens Urban Jogger Pants

Prices :$11.95 – $31.50

Mens Urban Jogger Pants

This year’s hottest fashion item is the classic  Mens Urban Jogger Pants available in over 500 styles in drop crotch drawstring and elastic denim. Read on

Urban Streetwear is about coordinating the total look, and when it comes to sneakerheads jeans just do not work, you do not what your new sneakers being ruined by awful jeans, and that is why the Mens Urban Jogger Pants came about, due the design of a loose, sweatpants-style leg tapering to elastic cuffs that hit usually top of the ankle, means all you sneakerheads can now coordinating outfits around your prized sneakers. You can choose from selected range of Mens Urban Jogger Pants from some of the biggest names in urban fashion including Jordan, royal blue royal blue, kayden K, akademiks and more.

First, what are men’s urban jogger pants? These pants are inspired by sweatpants with a leg that tapers toward elastic cuffs at the bottom reaching right above the ankle. The comfort they offer plus the fact that they give the wearer to show off their latest trainers has made them quite popular with most men that put into consideration what they wear for their workouts.


The men’s urban jogger pants trend began in Europe but quickly carried to the United States as collectors began posting pictures of them on the popular social media network Instagram. Their popularity can also be attributed to the fact that denim prices have begun soaring over the years. Individuals who are looking to stay trendy yet do not want to burn a hole in their wallet now have a fashionable alternative for casual wear.


So are we going to see all the men sporting urban jogger pants? Most outlets at apparel trade shows tend to think so. Although it currently seems that only early adopters have been taken by this trend, it is only a matter of time before they become a staple in most men’s closets as they are both functional as well as comfortable. This is what makes them so appealing. That they can be worn for workouts or sports, and are also a great alternative for lazing around in over the weekend. They are an interesting blend of street wear with a desire for comfort while leading an active life!


Mens Urban Jogger Pants

Beanie Hats

Beanie Hats

Beanie Hats For Men

Prices Start from $16.99

[box] If you did not know but the beanie hat has been wore back in the 12th and 13th centuries mostly wore by women, but as the centuries went by the beanie was still being wore and now in 21centuries beanie has become a part of popular culture , by many in musicians such as edge from U2 , Tom Delonge of guitarist and vocalist of the pop punk band Blink-182 , also beanie hat commonly worn by hip hop artists. Masao Inaba from Revelations: Persona wears one. Now you can get your hands on beanie hat , from one best know names in sports as well as urban fashion , Neff has great range of afford ale beanie hats for Skiing,skateboarding or just for keeping your head warm.

OK Beanie Hats are not only for men but women wear them to.


6 Dollar Shirts

6 Dollar Shirts

Cool Designs six dollar T shirts

Cool & Artistic Tees Barthulhu t-shirtA Salt With A Deadly Weapon T-ShirtFormat_NEW_CCCP_redMake Your Mark Dog T-Shirt

[box] Choose from wide range of pop culture and topical designs T-shirt , are high quality, silk screened .  with 30 years of printing experience, as well as team of artists and illustrators  who tirelessly design t-shirts every day , that are  loved by many within the urban street scene , also in world of fashion . This company crushes other online business who charge three times the price . You can make a statement or feeling buy getting your hands on design t shirts  which cover  everything you what to say from making Political statement all way to just a great line of Funny T shirts . So if someone find you boring at lest they get to read what your 6 Dollar Shirts is saying

Over 300 attractive designs in over 15 varying titillating categories. Simply no other online t-shirt store could come close to these prices!


Choose from wide range of  $6.00  T Shirts

More 6 dollar shirts

Sprayground Backpacks , Edgy designs and Collectable

Sprayground Backpacks


Sprayground Backpacks is one of the sort after backpack on the market, due it edgy designs and collectable

Sprayground Backpacks

When it comes to clothing accessories, the one thing that has not change over time , that is the backpack, but that has all change, when the Sprayground Company designed a new range of backpacks that bring style, that urban fashion follower’s love. Sprayground come with a individual design style, all from the mind of the designer David Ben-David , David Ben-David designs are so unique that many top celebs such as Ghetts,Borgore ,Collin Kaepernick ,Wacka Flocka Flame, T.I., ASAP Rocky, Mac Miller, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Jadakiss and many more just to name a few, have taken to Sprayground backpacks.

The reinvention  of Backpacks by Sprayground , has made the  company one of the hottest urban wear company on the plant. Now the backpacks not only seen  as clothing Accessories , but a as sought-after collector’s item . Why?  , this is due to Sprayground influences that comes from the  New York as well as Miami graffiti scenes , this means that the design reflect an edgy designs that impress so many  who follow urban streetwear clothes , which means that many customer buy more than one of a same design style , two for use and one for collector’s item .

Sprayground Backpacks are water-resistant also come with numerous pockets for your laptops, tablets, sunglasses, pens and much more. All together Sprayground Backpacks is truly one of the functional accessories bag on the market and top of that look great.

Example of must have backpacks are the Sky Cloud Dreaming Backpack , Ninja Turtles Donatello Backpack , and the Money Rolled Stacks Backpack as wore by Kevin Durant as his latest press conferences.


The laptop sleeve is lined with this furry like material that won’t put a single scratch on your laptop. There’s also room for a portable game system .



Skateboarding Sunglasses Choose The Best

Skateboarding Sunglasses Eyewear by Neff Daily

Skateboarding Sunglasses Eyewear


[box] If you are a active skateboarder looking for the best in sport sunglasses, that can be used day in and day out, then Neff Daily Skateboarding Sunglasses are for you. Neff where the first authentic core snow and skate headwear company in the world and are support by some of the biggest name in sports as well as skateboarding world , due to the fact that these Skateboarding Sunglasses are unique stylish higher end sunglasses , means big names such as such as Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5, and Scarlett Johnson are apart of a growing fan club of this sport sunglasses. [/box]

Skateboarding Sunglasses Eye-wear by Neff Daily

Skateboarding Sunglasses Features:

  • Tough and Durable Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Plastic Frames Shaped in a Classic Retro Shape
  • Neff Word Marking on Side Temples
  • Different Colors on Front Frame and Temples
  • All White on Inner Frame and Temples
  • Comes in Neff Drawstring Pouch
  • One Size Fits Most
  • 400 UV Protection
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Brand: Neff
  • Original Packaging and Tags
  • 100% Authentic, Factory Direct
  • Wash Instructions on Tag
  • Brand: NEFF
  • Ships Within 24 Hours (Packed and Ready to Ship)
  • Returns/Exchanges Accepted Within 14 DAYS
  • Check out our entire store for more products by NEFF


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